Milking it

I attempted to make a dairy meal (in celebration of Shavuot) for 8 people in 1 hour. The phyllo kicked my butt, and I forgot to make at least half the things I planned on. The pictures are therefore not the best, but the food was actually okay, and there are RECIPES.

Ricotta Pesto Quiche (very successful, from Country Living via the Kitchn, one of the most fun food blogs out there)

Quick tomato salad

Pear and goat cheese salad

Some other things, including mac n’ cheese

And, of course, cheesecake. For some reason, I have yet to learn how to best photograph cheesecake, and I used my kit lens instead of my nice new macro low light lens. Any bright ideas, anyone? How can cheesecake taste so good, and yet photograph so poorly.


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