A New Jew(ish) year is upon us!

Y’all! I’m back! There’s been a lot of cries from different quarters about this absence, but I’ve actually been cooking like never before. Sadly, this has been always at night, and with a painful lack of natural light for pretty pictures. However, I did feed many of you (you know who you are, Semu, MarBaz, Goldie, Rafi, Liavikoo) and am hoping to feed many more of you in the new Jewish year. Fall is my favorite time to cook, and I am also in the process of buying a real dining table (suggestions welcome).

One new thing I’ll be doing this year is HOPEFULLY cooking for strangers, in addition to cooking for friends. I have joinged the awesome Kitchensurfing team, and I am hoping to bring my passion for deliciousness to parties, brunches, and cooking classes around New York.

If you know people who need my services, do send them my way! You will receive a delicious meal and my undying devotion in return!

Here’s a little taste of what I made this past week at Kitchensurfing: these are goat cheese tartlets with figs and honey, and they felt very Rosh HaShana appropriate. Recipe is here (and yes, I’m aware her pictures are amazingly better, but it’s not fair, she does this for a living) — they are labor intensive, but impressive and delicious!

Shana Tova to all who are celebrating, and those who aren’t!




Some old things, some new things, some RECIPES

There’s been a bit of a February lull in my cooking, but some things did happen while I was gone. And, since everyone’s been complaining about this, there are some recipes in this post!

Most notably I made cod croquettes, which are my all time favorite food, but which I’ve never made. After looking through every book and blog and not finding a recipe I really like, I came up with my own recipe, and I highly recommend it (this one fed 5 hungry girls, and I still have half a batch of croquettes frozen in my fridge). This recipe is not difficult, but it takes foresight, so it’s a perfect weekend project if you’re planning a meal of tapas.

Pilar’s Croquettas de Bacalao
Soaked 1 lb. salted cod overnight in cold water. You want to switch the water at least 3 times so that you get all the salt out. In the morning, cook the fish in whole milk, about 20 minutes until it’s soft but not falling apart. Drain and flake by hand (and take off any skin that might be left on the fish. Set aside, and make mashed potatoes– which is to say, boil some potatoes. I used 2 large potatoes, peeled and boiled. I mashed them by hand, added some salt and pepper and butter, and when that cooled, you add in the fish. At this point, you’re good to go, everything is cooked, and this mixture is dangerously delicious on it’s own, so try it and adjust seasoning as needed.
When you’re ready to fry these puppies, shape them into either balls or little sausages, dip in egg and roll in breadcrums (which you can season with some salt and pepper) and fry in veggie oil until golden brown. Careful, these are addictive.

About a week later, I went to my first superbowl party ever. I made onion dip, which I thought was no biggie, until I found out that the recipe called for:

That is 5 lbs. of onion, and one serving of carpal tunnel chopping those up

But they were very pretty 80 minutes later

You might want to half the recipe, because it makes this much dip

Finally, just yesterday, I made cinnamon buns for the first time ever. I don’t really like cinnamon, but who doesn’t love cinnamon buns? These are surprisingly easy, considering that they require you to make yeast dough, and are perfect for a brunch or a weekend breakfast. This recipe came from Nigella Lawson, via Butterflyfood. One thing about these, they photograph BEAUTIFULLY.

We have a winner!

Last week on the IG’s Facebook page I promised that the person who will suggest the best idea for a granola recipe will win a batch of my homemade Toasted Almond Granola (Now don’t say I don’t share recipes!)

Against popular belief, someone actually WON the granola, my lovely friend Lily who lives in faraway San Francisco. More documentation of the happy recipient with her box of joy later, in the mean time, here some documentation of the surprise before it left the cold Northeast.

Least attractive, most delicious

Cholent has to be the least photogenic stew in the book, but it doesn’t matter because it is SO good. This one had: chickpeas, white beans, barley, rice, eggs, potatoes, and beef. It made for some really hearty naptime food.

Dreams from my Mother

Tomato and Rice Soup

Sweet and savory chicken wings


Avocado salad

Moroccan Carrot Salad


Pea soup (styled by my mother)

Homemade (obviously) Bureks on Saturday morning

Sadly, no other documentation of these, probably my favorite food: meatballs in spicy fresh tomato sauce

These are only some of the many amazing things my mom makes.