No cookies?

This is how I feel when there are no cookies:


So, in order to avoid such a terrifying situation, I present to you cookies two ways: extremely easy, and very involved but worth it!

The easy ones are almond chocolate cookies, from one of my favorite blogs, Matkonation. This Israeli blog is run by real photographers and food stylist, and it even has an English version. Please don’t compare my photos to theirs, they are not even close. Nevertheless, you should definitely try this gluten free, extremely easy recipe (you’ll notice that I used regular chocolate because I only had a little bit of white left, so these are black and white).

How cute are those napkins?!

So now, from the easier to the more difficult– the following are the so-called TKOs, named after Thomas Keller, who apparently makes them at Per Se. The irony, of course, is that Per Se is down the street from me, but I have yet to visit. In the mean time, I must admit that these cookies will buy you some serious time. They do require some love and patience, but man, they are SO worth it.

Cookies and Salad

The two new staples of my diet. Apparently.

Cookies came from here, and the salad, from my mind. Sorry, no hyperlinke.

The end of the affair

I failed miserably at making the last batch of gingerbread men. I could make a really tasteless joke here, but I’m not going to. If you know me well enough, you could probably guess what it would have been (think the gingerbread bible).


My new Canon Rebel XTi has arrived. It shall be known as Shosh (short for Shoshana).
Shosh is a master of deceit– she makes life, and especially food, look much better. And for that I will love it forever.

The christening was followed by a meal of red lentil and tofu curry.

After which Steven and I made Sesame cookies.

Steven was real happy about them.

They were later boxed and wrapped, and sent off as a gift to Aleta and Bassam. I made the card, too.

Baking with Sonali’s Camera

This past week I spent way too much time futzing with Sonali’s sweet Canon Rebel in preparation for…

drum roll…

getting my own SLR!

My parents gave me a special dispensation to get my graduation present 6 months ahead of time, mostly so I can take pictures of delicious food, which, ostensibly, is a ridiculous thing to do, but hey, I’m a ridiculous person. My Canon Rebel XTi is on it’s way to me as we speak (/read/eat/drool).

So with Sonali’s camera at hand I couldn’t but make a lot of stuff that was worth photographing. And with all this food there was nothing I could do but throw a party and feed it to people. So here are the fruits of my labor.

Carrot cake, fresh out of the oven

Spice Oat Crisps

Preping for Mississippi Mud Cookies Ghirardelli Semisweet

Mississippi Mud Cookies, which were, by all accounts, incredible


Crunchy oatmeal peanut butter bars

Gingerbread People (yes, they are PC)

Ginger Adam (the first man)

Ginger Abel (the first murder)

Into the ark

Out of the ark

Shivon’s gingerbread Ninja turtle (a natural evolution in an imaginary civilization of baked goods)

A gingerbread poet (man with a heart in his head)