The day after

Happy thanksgiving to all! And if you’re reading this, thank you so much for supporting the Ivy Gourmet and me, it means a lot.

I had the amazing privilege of being invited to spend Thanksgiving with my friend Maud Arnold‘s family. In her grandma’s house in DC I always meet the nicest, most talented, interesting people, and this time was no different. It’s also a place with lots of delicious food, and Maud, in addition to be an internationally renowned tap dancer, is also a killer baker, so I had to bake to impress, and so I made this cranberry cake:

I was a bit worried about the fact that the cranberries are completely unsweetened, but it turned out that they came out perfectly tart

Of course, I did dust it with confectioner’s sugar

Even Iza, Maud’s amazing grandma, approved

But then on the day after thanksgiving, I was totally in the mood for cooking. But what do you eat on the day after you stuffed your face?
Well, here’s the answer. You make this delicious, unusual, refreshing brussel sprout slaw. I didn’t mandolin the brussel sprouts, because I have the tendency to usually send my fingers down the mandolin, but I just chopped it with a knife, and it was just as good. HIGHLY recommended.

I also made this pasta which has one of my favorite combinations: butternut squash, leeks, and goat cheese. I’ve made a risotto with those three before, but this may be better, and the orecchiette pasta holds the sauce really well. Also, HIGHLY recommended.

And, since the weekend was shot anyways, I made dessert. This is a delicious corsican cheese goodness, that tastes unlike anything you’ve ever made, and only has 5 ingredients. You guessed it, HIGHLY etc…

Milking it

I attempted to make a dairy meal (in celebration of Shavuot) for 8 people in 1 hour. The phyllo kicked my butt, and I forgot to make at least half the things I planned on. The pictures are therefore not the best, but the food was actually okay, and there are RECIPES.

Ricotta Pesto Quiche (very successful, from Country Living via the Kitchn, one of the most fun food blogs out there)

Quick tomato salad

Pear and goat cheese salad

Some other things, including mac n’ cheese

And, of course, cheesecake. For some reason, I have yet to learn how to best photograph cheesecake, and I used my kit lens instead of my nice new macro low light lens. Any bright ideas, anyone? How can cheesecake taste so good, and yet photograph so poorly.

Let them eat cake

After I’ve been home for a few days, everyone gets bored with me, and vice versa, at which point I turn to baking, which reignites their excitement about me being home. Here’s some evidence.

Marble Cake (spiked with Bailey’s)

Banana bread

Chiffon cake

Three layers of goodness cake


This is my first time cooking for thanksgiving, and, well, I’m thankful. Not only because everything came out real good, but also because dinner with my friends was just plain amazing. Here are some of the things I made, along with some of the things others made, and some things people bought. I have leftovers for the next week, come visit.

Some pictures from the making of the pumpkin cheesecake

Cranberry sauce, one of the most foreign things to me, but to which I have most warmed up in the past 7 years

Also made some turkey, this thing people sometime make on Thanksgiving. I was pretty freaked out about this endeavor, but from everything I hear, it was not so bad.

I also made my mom’s rice crispies, cottage cheese, mushroom and onion bake as a stuffing-alternative. I recognize that that combination sounds gross, but it is really good. I keep calling my mom every year to ask for the recipe, and yet every time all I come up with is a note that looks like this (in English, into Hebrew, with very little rhyme or reason):

I also made some parmesan polenta, biscuits, and some gravy (not pictured for its lack of photogenic quality).

Hailey made amazing baked green beans, deviled eggs, and the most delicious sweet smashed potatoes with garlic oil. Steph and I made a cauliflower gratin, and Steph also made a very attractive apple pie, and Adam brought a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie from Dean and Deluca. Needless to say, those were pretty good, too.

Some aftermath pictures

Thanks for reading. I am VERY thankful for that.