The second coming

IvyGourmet is not dead, but it’s graduated. This summer it’ll be in New Haven, and next the blog will be moving to Berlin. New name suggestions are welcome, in the mean time, let’s just pretend we’re still ivygourmet-ing.

Here’s a tofu kebab dinner

And here’s a makeshift indoor grill dinner. Apparent ally corn on the cob is delicious if baked in the oven… there’s also grilled asparagus, and a pasta salad with goat cheese and roasted peppers. Oh, and homemade guacamole.

And finally, here’s some shots from this morning’s New Haven Farmer’s Market, where there were lots of beautiful radishes.

The trip resulted in these rhubarb coffee cakes. In German rhubarb is rababa, which could be the funniest word, ever.

I can’t believe it’s tofu!

That’s the name of the book from which this recipe comes from, and although it sounds painful and a complete lie, I have 3 witnesses to tell you that they “couldn’t believe it was tofu!”. This was the first time I made this asparagus, tomato, and tofu recipe. I didn’t have any real tomatoes so I used some crushed ones and a bit of tomato paste. It was devoured by Megan, Michelle and myself on October 3, 2007.