Belated Rosh HaShana

This year I celebrated Rosh HaShana twice, once without any food but ample drinks, and a second time, belatedly, with my two favorite goyyim, true lovers of Matzah Ball Soup.

It all started with a trip to the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market, my new neighborhood market.

For snacking, I made my mom’s Moroccan tomato salad– it has Anaheim peppers, garlic, salt, and some canola oil. It’s super hot, but you can’t stop eating it.

Then making chicken broth (with some aromatics, carrots, onions and chicken)

Eventually some matzah balls went into that, too

By far the most exciting thing that I made were stuffed zucchinis. These are my grandma’s recipe, and are my favorite. In fact, I like them so much, that I have always dreaded making them. But, after I saw those round little zucchinis at the market, I couldn’t resist.
I got some grass-fed beef

Emptied the zucchinis

Stuffed them with a mixture of meat, onion, potato, and parsley, then egged and bredded them and pan fried them

Finally I cooked them in a sauce made of onions and the cores of the zucchinis. They cook a long time on low heat, and despite being slightly labor intensive, are incredibly delicious. Can’t wait to make them many more times in the winter.

For dessert we had a peach cobbler, and that was also a hit.

In fact, it was so good that we got distracted and forgot to photograph it before devouring it

My guests were a bit late, so I also got to take this picture:

Shana Tova and Happy Eid to all who were celebrating this weekend. I hope your year is filled with friends, family, and delicious food.


This is my first time cooking for thanksgiving, and, well, I’m thankful. Not only because everything came out real good, but also because dinner with my friends was just plain amazing. Here are some of the things I made, along with some of the things others made, and some things people bought. I have leftovers for the next week, come visit.

Some pictures from the making of the pumpkin cheesecake

Cranberry sauce, one of the most foreign things to me, but to which I have most warmed up in the past 7 years

Also made some turkey, this thing people sometime make on Thanksgiving. I was pretty freaked out about this endeavor, but from everything I hear, it was not so bad.

I also made my mom’s rice crispies, cottage cheese, mushroom and onion bake as a stuffing-alternative. I recognize that that combination sounds gross, but it is really good. I keep calling my mom every year to ask for the recipe, and yet every time all I come up with is a note that looks like this (in English, into Hebrew, with very little rhyme or reason):

I also made some parmesan polenta, biscuits, and some gravy (not pictured for its lack of photogenic quality).

Hailey made amazing baked green beans, deviled eggs, and the most delicious sweet smashed potatoes with garlic oil. Steph and I made a cauliflower gratin, and Steph also made a very attractive apple pie, and Adam brought a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie from Dean and Deluca. Needless to say, those were pretty good, too.

Some aftermath pictures

Thanks for reading. I am VERY thankful for that.


Rosh Ha’Shana Dinner for 16

Yes, I cooked for 16. I channeled every woman in my family and it was amazing (not even the food, but the experience).

Prep for Moroccan Fish

Savory Noodle Kugel

Sample plate: Kugel, Couscous Salad with craisins, pine nuts and mint, and a green salad with walnuts, goat cheese and dried figs.