Never left the shtetl

Actually, as it turns out I grew up eating almost solely Moroccan food and have very little nostalgia for the Shtetl. But, my mother knew what she was marrying into, and she taught me to make a mean chicken soup. I added the Challa and Brisket. And before I knew it I ended up with a carcass of chicken and a pound of brisket fat in the garbage can.

A whole chicken. WOAH.

A brisket bigger than my face


Challah strands

4-braid and 6-braid

Shabbos stars

Beautiful stamping

Baking bonanza

Once again defeating my mortal fear of yeast! This time with a rye walnut bread. Made the best crunch sound you ever heard when it came out of the oven. And was devoured very quickly, with butter, by four hungry fools.

Yeast, a frenemie

Market Bounty

One of my favorite food blogs is Last Night’s Dinner, where once a week blogger Jennifer Hess posts a visual record of her weekend’s eats (and drinks). No silly write ups, just awesome pictures which make you envy her culinary existence.

Jason Hibner and I went to the farmers market early Sunday morning. And so, with that, here is a visual record of one fantastic weekend breakfast. (These were taken with Jason’s awesome new camera).

I dare say

Apparently I’m not the only person in the world who puts cooking first, and other things second. There is a community of lovely bloggers out there who are appropriately known as the Daring Bakers.

Once a month this group tackles a baking recipe, that, well, requires some serious daring, and I decided to join them and see what happens. So, in my first month as a Daring Baker I made Julia Child’s French Bread, a day long endeavor that is not for the weak of heart. I made 2 loaves and 4 rolls, and one of the loafs came out stellar, the rest, not so much. Here is the evidence– and if you’re reading this and have some Nutella lying around, call me and I’ll deliver some fresh French bread.

This is my first-time Daring Baker badge of honor. In fact, that’s exactly what I look like.

Breakfast club strikes again

7 Yale students were found dead, but happy, in an apartment on 100 Howe Street at 10am on Sunday morning. There was no evidence of foul play, but the following items were found on the scene:

Freshly baked whole wheat bread

And, whole wheat cranberry scones