Let’s just pretend it’s summer

It’s getting cold in New York City, and I’m not even done posting about summer meals that happened three months ago.

They do have high nostalgic value, like this incredible recipe for salmon baked with asparagus and potatoes and flooded with tangy herb caper lemon sauce. I would make this sauce and put it on everything. HIGHLY recommended. Feeds way more people than you’d expect.



A meal I did not make

This is a truly fresh market meal, after an exhilarating and colorful tour of Makhane Yehuda, the Jerusalem market.

Tour guide and chef is the most-talented Eshchar Ben Shitrit, my second favorite member of his family.

Cucumber and radish carpaccio

Tomato and garlic bruschetta

Goat cheese bruschetta
Mullet fish in a turmeric-ginger-yogurt sauce
And finally, one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, and this says a lot! These are bruleed bananas and mangos, with a whipped white chocolate sauce and passion fruit. Heavenly.

Mobile Meals

I stupidly went to New York City for a whole week without my camera. And I made a lot of food, so I ended up resorting to take pictures with my Blackberry, which is disgraceful, but some actually came out pretty cool.

Union Square Farmers’ Markets bounty

Tomatillos, corn and roasted poblanos, which all ended up in a green soup

More market bounty

Avocado, tomato and grapefruit salad

Gnocchi for Naamah

Panfried cod for Naamah

Berries with Creme Fraiche and honey

And finally, some salsa verde eggs on a tortilla with avocados and tomato for breakfast. Best composite leftover meal in the book.

Flaked out

Summer is here. Very very seriously here. Like, you can’t go outside, it’s so here. I love summer, the desert dweller in me feels in my element (minus the DC humidity). I also love cooking in the summer. And I love porches. And cava. And summer nights.

All of those things came together at this very simple but incredibly satisfying meal with Jason Hibner, who is by the way, killing all of the rest of you in the race to make the most meals with me.

But, before you look at pretty pictures (as if anyone actually reads the words I put on this page), here’s a preview about two things that are going to be coming up on here this summer:

One, I’ve received this request from Nefertiti Frankenstein: “Can u do a post on ivygourmet detailing what a basic kitchen needs.  like a primer in being a fly cook.  a starter’s guide with utensil and tools and spices n shit.” So, this is a great idea, and although many better foodblogs have done this before me, I will do it very soon, so keep an eye out.

Secondly, for months (if not years) there has been talk about doing cooking shorts to put up here (and on youtube). The summer is the time to do it (a tan, natural light, and gorgeous produce). If you are interested, I am also looking for a gorgeous producer, someone with a flipcam, someone with a kitchen island, and a sancho panza. Not necessarily in that order, and one person can be more than one of those things. Write me or leave a comment. Winners get to eat the meal produced while shooting.

Anyways, back to my meal with JRH. The fish flaked out on us, but it was delicious nonetheless. It was just seared with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon.

This second picture is an example of some photoshop experiments I’ve been doing lately– looks sorta like summer of 1974. I like it.