3 is a magic number!

The Ivy Gourmet turns 3 today.
Here are some other numbers: this is the 113th post, we currently have 68 friends on Facbeook, and the most visited day was January 3, 2010, when 100 people clicked.
Some goals for our fourth year: better pictures, more recipes, many more friends, more suggestions from YOU if you’re reading this.

For the sake of comparison, Check out the very first post, and look how far we’ve come. Today, here’s a variation on my rainbow quiche– this time with chard, butternut squash and leeks. Note that you can now like! tweet! email! posts, if you scroll down. Hope that you are eating delicious food today in celebration!

Roast the squash

Sautee those greens

Cool ’em

(Follow the rest of the recipe from the last post!)