Unemployment=Delicious Food

Well, that’s a pretty unusual outcome, but it is only to be expected in my universe of unusual outcomes. With graduation behind me (time!), the onset of summer (beautiful produce!), and the abundance of hungry friends (friends!), I present to you, the first awesome meal of summer. This was to celebrate one of my favorite people, and we were joined by the two other favorite people with whom I reside. Come to our home for food. There’ll be cake here almost 87% of the time. I’m not sharing these recipes (all my own) because then you would have no reason to come visit me.

First course, yellow heirloom Gazpacho (with a lisp)

Salad course, Avocado and Grapefruit salad

Main course, super-salty goodness of a pizza. Potatoes, Mozz, Pecorino, and Spinach.

Finally, a strawberry clafouti. (Okay, that’s a lie. I made this a couple of weeks ago for brunch, and to be honest it was disgusting. But, it wasn’t my recipe, so whatever. And it photographed really well. In reality last night we had coffee ice cream covered in decaf freshly brewed espresso, that WAS my idea, and it was delicious. I commend me).


Summer loving

Years ago, when I first went to the New Haven’s farmers market, and first saw heirloom tomatoes, I ended up putting them on a pizza, which I still remember vividly. Luckily, I have found an heirloom (and otherwise) soulmate in the lovely Ms. Kate House, with whom I made this heirloom laden meal last night. She is a fantastic sous-chef, a friend of the first rate, and a soon-to-be guest blogger.

I forgot my nice lens at home, so these aren’t the best pictures, but you get the idea.

Portrait of Duke Thunderpaw and heirlooms

These beautiful raspberries were crushed with some nectarines (not pictured) and this deliciously colorful mash then went in the bottom of champagne glasses and covered with Prosecco. A House+Hillá original. Highly recommended.

We also made some actual food, like this incredibly delicious but poorly photographed salad.

The inspiration came from my very good friends Liba and Micah’s wedding. The two are delectable foodies, and at their wedding they served an incredibly blood orange and avocado salad. We replaced the citrus for red grapefruit, threw in some shallots, salted and olive oiled, and voila, you have what is quite possibly the best summer salad out there.

I’m ashamed to admit that we used store bought dough, but I will say that of the few things that I feel are okay shortcuts, Trader Joe’s pizza dough is one of them. We made 2 pizzas (to accomodate some lactose intolerance), one with goat cheese:

One with farmer’s cheese:

Heirloom plenty