A New Jew(ish) year is upon us!

Y’all! I’m back! There’s been a lot of cries from different quarters about this absence, but I’ve actually been cooking like never before. Sadly, this has been always at night, and with a painful lack of natural light for pretty pictures. However, I did feed many of you (you know who you are, Semu, MarBaz, Goldie, Rafi, Liavikoo) and am hoping to feed many more of you in the new Jewish year. Fall is my favorite time to cook, and I am also in the process of buying a real dining table (suggestions welcome).

One new thing I’ll be doing this year is HOPEFULLY cooking for strangers, in addition to cooking for friends. I have joinged the awesome Kitchensurfing team, and I am hoping to bring my passion for deliciousness to parties, brunches, and cooking classes around New York.

If you know people who need my services, do send them my way! You will receive a delicious meal and my undying devotion in return!

Here’s a little taste of what I made this past week at Kitchensurfing: these are goat cheese tartlets with figs and honey, and they felt very Rosh HaShana appropriate. Recipe is here (and yes, I’m aware her pictures are amazingly better, but it’s not fair, she does this for a living) — they are labor intensive, but impressive and delicious!

Shana Tova to all who are celebrating, and those who aren’t!





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