Out with the old

I moved. Again. This is the 11th time in 9 years– 3 times trans-continentally. I hope to never move again. Which is lucky, because I’m finally in NYC, best food city in the world! It’s been 3 months since I last posted, which is immensely shameful. BUT, and I hope you think highly enough of me to have guessed this, the last 3 months did not go by without a lot of cooking. What I’d like to do is write a single post with all of the amazing meals and photographs, but you’d be scrolling forever. So instead, I will share slowly, like Henzel and Gretel leaving crumbs in the woods. Only this time there will be a happy ending.

In New York I have a tiny tiny tiny kitchen, but it is full of love and cast iron skillets. There’s a farmer’s market not so far from me, and the fire alarm is permanently unplugged because it goes off every time I make an omelet, and we can’t have that. Besides the fact that I am a zombie when I get home from work, I hope this year will be full of hungry people and delicious meals. Enjoy the crumbs.

I buy a lot of things at the market (it should be clarified that I live alone)

For my first guests I made a mushroom ragout with poached eggs. After that one of them went to New Haven and the other fled to Kazakhstan. Not entirely clear if it was the food or the company.
The mushroom ragout part involved a lot of mushrooms.

The other part involved poached eggs:

And a really handsome hand model:

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