The day after

Happy thanksgiving to all! And if you’re reading this, thank you so much for supporting the Ivy Gourmet and me, it means a lot.

I had the amazing privilege of being invited to spend Thanksgiving with my friend Maud Arnold‘s family. In her grandma’s house in DC I always meet the nicest, most talented, interesting people, and this time was no different. It’s also a place with lots of delicious food, and Maud, in addition to be an internationally renowned tap dancer, is also a killer baker, so I had to bake to impress, and so I made this cranberry cake:

I was a bit worried about the fact that the cranberries are completely unsweetened, but it turned out that they came out perfectly tart

Of course, I did dust it with confectioner’s sugar

Even Iza, Maud’s amazing grandma, approved

But then on the day after thanksgiving, I was totally in the mood for cooking. But what do you eat on the day after you stuffed your face?
Well, here’s the answer. You make this delicious, unusual, refreshing brussel sprout slaw. I didn’t mandolin the brussel sprouts, because I have the tendency to usually send my fingers down the mandolin, but I just chopped it with a knife, and it was just as good. HIGHLY recommended.

I also made this pasta which has one of my favorite combinations: butternut squash, leeks, and goat cheese. I’ve made a risotto with those three before, but this may be better, and the orecchiette pasta holds the sauce really well. Also, HIGHLY recommended.

And, since the weekend was shot anyways, I made dessert. This is a delicious corsican cheese goodness, that tastes unlike anything you’ve ever made, and only has 5 ingredients. You guessed it, HIGHLY etc…


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