Weekend recap

This weekend was filled with poorly photographed delicious food.
It started Friday night with a birthday dinner that resembled more a Rosh HaShana dinner. The recipe came from here, and it was, according to the diners, mmmm so good. The piece of brisket I used was just 2.5 lbs, so I made a half-recipe, but still cooked it for 10 hours. This was the way to go. I also threw in some Tapatío, which I recommend you do too if you like some kick.

The latke recipe also come from Smitten Kitchen, although in the frenzy of making these in time to come out at the same time as the brisket, it was not followed very carefully. Also, the potatoes were not shredded, but rather totally pureed in the food processor, and this was a GOOD thing.

For the next 30 minutes we were busy getting stupidly dirty eating these. I also heard some rumors that the rest of the brisket was stuffed into crusty bread the next day to make some Jewbans.

This carrot cake was just sitting there waiting until we were done

Some of us were much better than others at cutting the cake

Regardless, it was delicious

Then Saturday came, and with it some homemade Aloo Gobi

We ate it with Raita while watching Cake Boss

When Sunday night rolled around, I tried to keep it light with some fish tacos, but accidentally got too excited and made too many fixings. This is the slaw and mango salsa

And the Pico de Gallo and Guac

The fish was lightly seasoned with Adobo, and seared in a pan

Finally, all of the above plus rice and beans, cheese, and roasted corn went on the tortilla, and then were devoured, cumbersomely.


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