Forza Italia

No, I’m not a Berlusconi supporter. And no, I don’t particularly care for the Italian world cup team. But, yes, I do love Italian food. And I love Marcella Hazan, whose Summer Vegetable Risotto I made (with Jason Hibner, and for D. Linda Garcia and Brock Evans).

Also, meet my newest cooking companion, Della (and sister Rosa, not pictured) whose names inspired this meal more than anything.


I love chopping, a lot

Phase one (just the onion, carrot, and celery)

Phase two (zucchini)

Phase three (arborio)

Phase 4 (tomatoes and peas, after 25 minutes of lots of liquids)

In case we didn’t have enough carbs

Gotta have something to put on those carbs

Gotta hydrate, too

And, clearly, you gotta have some dessert, so you don’t leave hungry

And one baby one

Della was quite tired at the end of all this


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