This is my first time cooking for thanksgiving, and, well, I’m thankful. Not only because everything came out real good, but also because dinner with my friends was just plain amazing. Here are some of the things I made, along with some of the things others made, and some things people bought. I have leftovers for the next week, come visit.

Some pictures from the making of the pumpkin cheesecake

Cranberry sauce, one of the most foreign things to me, but to which I have most warmed up in the past 7 years

Also made some turkey, this thing people sometime make on Thanksgiving. I was pretty freaked out about this endeavor, but from everything I hear, it was not so bad.

I also made my mom’s rice crispies, cottage cheese, mushroom and onion bake as a stuffing-alternative. I recognize that that combination sounds gross, but it is really good. I keep calling my mom every year to ask for the recipe, and yet every time all I come up with is a note that looks like this (in English, into Hebrew, with very little rhyme or reason):

I also made some parmesan polenta, biscuits, and some gravy (not pictured for its lack of photogenic quality).

Hailey made amazing baked green beans, deviled eggs, and the most delicious sweet smashed potatoes with garlic oil. Steph and I made a cauliflower gratin, and Steph also made a very attractive apple pie, and Adam brought a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie from Dean and Deluca. Needless to say, those were pretty good, too.

Some aftermath pictures

Thanks for reading. I am VERY thankful for that.



2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Wow, once you see all the work that has gone into the meail it makes you appreciate it so much more. I’m sure you were working on this all day and it was reflected in the enjoyment of the food. These photos look great! I didn’t realize you made the cranberry sauce also, delicious!!

  2. You are Wonder Woman! I can’t believe you made all that and it all looks AMAZING! You should be a chef for reals…culinary school perhaps 😉

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