Thanks to my beloved aunt Yaffa, who is also a superb chef and a trained pastry chef, I am now the proud owner of a hand-operated pasta machine. I convinced my mother it was a good idea to make Lasagna Verde, she was not impressed, until we ate of course.

Most of mom’s complaints had to do with the fact that we had long sheets of green pasta hanging on chairs in the kitchen, and that I still had to pack, shower and make a flight only 4 hours later. Precisely because of that she couldn’t just leave me there and took on frying the eggplant, which we added to the pasta along with the bolognese which we had left over from the industrial amount she made the day before, finally topped with a 1-sec tomato sauce. Sadly in the chaos there was no time for prep pictures, but here are some quick shots before the works of 3 hours was devoured in 10 quick minutes by 6 hungry people.

And, of course, before I left my family I left them with this apple tart, just so that they have a reason to miss me.


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