The Renaissance

Ivy gourmet is back. Well, sort of. The good news is I have moved to a new apartment in Berlin, where the kitchen is big and the people love to eat. The first meal I cooked there was an impromptu 8-people dinner, which, considering the impromptu part, was nothing to write home about. But it was endlessly joyous, and we did have some good homemade garlic bread, and a fresh arugula salad. And a picture to boot! Welcome back, hungry people.

P.s. still in need of a new name for the blog!


2 thoughts on “The Renaissance

  1. Hilla! Happy New Year dear! Hope the move was smooth and Berlin in treating you well. I wish I could get fresh veggies here-Indianola Walmart is lacking in organic green things 😦 But I am trying to cook every once in a while. I made the baked sweet and regular potatoes last week and it was a big hit! Keep cookin mama and for REALS…me, you, skype, STAT!

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