"it’s been over a month. your people need you."

There are about 5 avid readers of this blog. I can only confidently guess who one of them is, but whoever is reading this– I love you! I’ve not been very good about the blog, because sometimes when you’re trying to watch your diet your food doesn’t look so great. But here’s some really good for you and good food that also looks good. A summer collection.

Laura’s birthday cookies

Haven’s goodbye dinner: cabbage stuffed with lamb, fried eggplant, baked potatoes, seniya, and mejjadrah.

Baked sweet and regular potatoes with garlic, rosemary and olive oil.

Fruit on the beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Celery in New Haven

Dinner with Josh and Haven in the garden. These are teriyaki tofu shishkababs, with a couscous, mint, pinenuts and cranberry salad.

Cherries for dessert

A blueberry


6 thoughts on “"it’s been over a month. your people need you."

  1. sorry – not tastes good, but looks good. my mistake. dammit. now I look like a fool. nothing new there, then.

  2. This pictures are amazing! I’m going to attempt the baked sweet and regular potatoes some time this week. Oh and tofu kababs! Between IG and 101 Cookbooks, I’m eating pretty well in the Delta. Miss you dear! Keep making yummy dishes.

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