That time I celebrated my birthday

My birthday was on March 16. Most people were out of town. Some people who were in town indulged me by coming to have a wine/cheese/cake party. By all accounts, that was a perfect opportunity to try the Daring Bakers’ March Challenge which was a Perfect Party Cake from Dorie Greenspan. The cake was great, if you want to spend your 26th birthday at the hospital with a clogged artery kind-a-way. As always, I’m late to post it, but here goes. It was a lemon cake, with raspberry filling, and a buttercream coconut frosting. More importantly and impressively, it had 4 layers.

This is me being happy at having made my own birthday cake. I pretended this was a cultural thing that we do, but really, who was I kidding.

This is the inside pre-frosting, and also during the day, when you could actually see what was going on inside.

Post-frosting, with a cameo by my Moroccan teapot.

Cutting the cake, if you will.

Other delicious things were assorted cheeses, fruit, and an endive appetizer with goat cheese, orange sections, carmalized walnuts, and balsamic vinegar.


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