I dare say

Apparently I’m not the only person in the world who puts cooking first, and other things second. There is a community of lovely bloggers out there who are appropriately known as the Daring Bakers.

Once a month this group tackles a baking recipe, that, well, requires some serious daring, and I decided to join them and see what happens. So, in my first month as a Daring Baker I made Julia Child’s French Bread, a day long endeavor that is not for the weak of heart. I made 2 loaves and 4 rolls, and one of the loafs came out stellar, the rest, not so much. Here is the evidence– and if you’re reading this and have some Nutella lying around, call me and I’ll deliver some fresh French bread.

This is my first-time Daring Baker badge of honor. In fact, that’s exactly what I look like.


7 thoughts on “I dare say

  1. Congratulations 🙂 Do you not love those Ikea towels? I’d be embarrassed to know how many of those we have!

  2. Wow, reading these various french bread blogs has given me some great ideas on how to use my last loaf (now waiting in the freezer) but the Nutella idea tops them all for sure. 🙂

    Great job, and welcome to the Daring Bakers!

  3. A noble attempt young neophyte, but I wonder if perhaps you didn’t overdo the essence of vinegar that the immortal Julia often discussed? Please deliver three loaves and two jars of Nutella to 133 Elm Street, New Haven, for more detailed comments thereafter.

    Don’t thank me. I understand.

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