The Cleopatra Salad

For a few weekends now, I’ve been waking up possessed by and OCD urge to organize my life, like I did yesterday. Between 8:30am and 12pm I managed to have coffee, wash a heap of dishes, do my laundry, reorganize the bathroom, clean the house (including a fierce scrubbing of the bathtub) and go to the grocery store. While there I remembered that I had nothing ready for lunch, so I headed over to the fresh fish to see if I could find some salmon to grill. A beautiful piece looked at me and cried out for attention: “Look, Hillá, I’m on sale!” Won over by its charms, I pointed at it, and asked the fish-lady for “that piece of salmon”. “It’s not salmon” she said, at which point I realized there was a glaring sign that read TROUT. But I figured, hey, it looks like salmon and I can afford it, this is my chance to try trout. When I came home I realized that I couldn’t quite make a Caesar salmon salad, because I had trout. I also am not eating bread, so croutons are out, not to mention, I didn’t have any Caesar dressing lying around. But I decided to stick it to the man, and make what I would like to call the Cleopatra Salad, and hope that it will catch on as a staple food.

Mixed Greens
Fillet of trout, salted and peppered and baked in 350º for 20 minutes
A few Parmesan shavings
Mix together 1/4 cup oil oil, 1 tsp dijon, 2 canned anchovies, 2 tbs lemon juice, 1 crushed garlic clove, salt, pepper (this makes a lot more dressing than you need for one salad)

Make it happen.


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